Conceptual photography is a type of photography that is staged to represent ideas, movements, moods, and everything that the photographer wants to include in the overall "message" of the photograph. 


Portrait photography focuses on the representation of a person, where personality and expression is predominant. A portrait is a collaboration between the photographer and the subject. The photographer can light you beautifully, make you look amazing, but if there’s no connection in your eyes, that says, “I'm here, this is me, I'm allowing you to capture me in this exact moment,” then the portrait won’t happen. It'll be a picture not a portrait.

event coverage

As a business, or sole proprietor, it's intrinsic you have media coverage that reflects your work as vivid as in real time. With over five years of individual experience, our photographers are well equipped with the disciplines needed to highlight the importance of a business venture. 



Our team shoots an array of video content, stemming from music videos, artist interviews, live sessions, and a multitude of other creative content. 



LIVE&LOCAL provides an event planning service for any business or individual that needs a creative push.


How do you create a great memory from an impression? The answer lies partly, yet diligently, in the status of your events. Providently, LIVE&LOCAL works on behalf of a creed that places the utmost precedence on catering to the audience and crafting a homey environment; one that locals will unmistakably recognize as local. With LIVE&LOCAL's hand in an event, anyone would be guaranteed a tireless effort in producing what we so strongly believe an event should consist of: that wonderful first impression.